a walk in the polyhedra world
other related subjects (constructions, perspective, packing, inversion, art…)

constructions of regular polygons and useful diagrams
the golden ratio  -  the format A (A4 paper sheet)
the discrete plane symmetry groups - the tilings of the plane
les regular polygons and the regular polytopes
the nets of the rectangular cobblestones and of the parallelepipeds
folding a cross
the Rubik's Cubes
the riding prospect (parallel perspective)  -  drawing polyhedra in perspective
examples of proofs by moving from 2D into 3D
polyhedra and art: classical - modern - architecture
  two compositions by Nicolas Hannachi: polyhedra  - kissing spheres
news (research): 3D printing, eversible polyhedra...
the perspectives of a circle
the inversion
packing spheres: the CCP and the "kissing spheres"
color codes
our earth (NASA): night view, air traffic, pollution, climate evolution
brief survey of New-Caledonia, "the island nearest to the paradise"

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