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George Hart, polyhedra artist

slider-6 (G.Hart) pipe-cleaners-2 (G.Hart) tenseg1 (G.Hart)

Disk Combobulation (G.Hart) labia (G.Hart)
Disk Combobulation I  is an assemblage of 30 floppy diskettes.
The diskettes of same color are arranged as an exploded cube.
Each diskette is penetrated by four diskettes of the other colors.

Labia  is an assemblage of 360 CDs
based on an archimedean polyhedron: the small rhombicosidodecahedron.
Nailbanger's Nightmare (G.Hart) Fire Ice (G.Hart)
Nailbanger's Nightmare
Fire Ice

Is it the Ying or the Yang?
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ying-yang (G.Hart)
Composed of 24 isosceles trapezoids and 8 equilateral triangles, this curious polyhedron is the intersection of a pair of self dual polyhedra (arranged with perpendicular edges): the canonical form of the tetrahedrally stellated icosahedron. George W. Hart called this pair of polyhedra Fat and Skinny.
The dark faces are those of an icosidodecahedron, the light faces build three intersecting "rings".

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Fat and Skinny (G.Hart)
An icosidodecahedron (12 pentagons and 20 equilateral triangles) has been cut with 30 squares and 6 golden rhombi arranged along three of the six "decagonal equators".
George W. Hart called this pair of polyhedra Fat and Skinny.
The dark faces are those of an icosidodecahedron, the light faces build three intersecting "rings".
Millennium Bookball (G.Hart)

Millennium Bookball (New York - Northport Public Library - 1999)

Assemblage of 60 "wooden books" connected by 32 bronze "donuts" based on the rhombic triacontahedron (the books correspond to the edges). Made of six different hard woods, the "books" are carved with the titles and authors of the 60 "best books" of the century.

loopy (G.Hart)

Loopy  (1999)
aluminium's strips of five colors

wooden dodecahedra (G.Hart)

The five dodecahedra with identical faces and faces' angles:
  •   rhombic dodecahedron (dual of the cuboctahedron)
  •   regular dodecahedron
  •   diamond of order 6 (bipyramid)
  •   antidiamond of order 6 (dual of the antiprism)
  •   triakis-tetrahedron (dual of the truncated tetrahedron)

salamanders (G.Hart)

Salamanders (2003)
done with the MIT community

George W. Hart's polyhedral sculptures can be seen in famous universities, in museums... and on his web site!
The French magazine Tangente devoted an article to him in his number 78 (pages 34-37), probably inspired by Polyhedron Man.

Ulrich Mikloweit     Polyedergarten

(Mikloweit) (Mikloweit) (Mikloweit) (Mikloweit) (Mikloweit)

Vladimir Bulatov

bois (V.Bulatov) bois (V.Bulatov) bois (V.Bulatov)

Rinus Roelofs     Rinus' web site

cut cube cut cube

dissected cube
cube dissected into three identical polyhedra
grids octahedron

The net of the octahedron has been drawn
on a picture of three
hexagonal interlaced grids.
The bronze sculpture renders the three grids in the space.
construction linked cubes 26 tetrahedra
Slide Construction 3 Linked Cubes 26 Tetrahedra

Bathsheba Grossman

Little Star LS piece
Little Star
is an assembling of twelve such pieces
inscribed in a regular icosahedron.
Bucky Crystal
represents fullerenes
(3D laser-etched).
bucky crystal

Hans Schepker's lamps

lamp 1 lamp 2 lamp 3
stellated dodecahedron Szilassi's polyhedron compound cube-icosahedron

Tom Lechner

T.Lechner T.Lechner T.Lechner
spiky dodecahedron snub dodecahedra pentagonal hexecontahedron

John Robinson

J.Robinson J.Robinson J.Robinson
Evolution 2 Pulse Star Burst

Arthur Silverman     (columns)

A.Silverman A.Silverman A.Silverman

miscellaneous examples

nested polyhedra regular polyhedra lamps
Michael Trott - Nested Polyhedra
Roberto Graña - (the platonic polyhedra)
Holger Strøm - IQ light  (1972)
Museum of Modern Art - Louisiana (Denmark)

B.Aurelius Ch.Perry dodécaèdre
Bob Aurelius - glass dodecahedron
Charles Perry - Bisected Dodecahedron
rhombic dodecahedron (jigsaw)
tetrahedron balls tetrahedral lamp
Sierpinski's tetrahedron
Roger Viur - interlinked balls
Martina Schettina - tetrahedral lamp
kite parallelepipeds moving cubes
tetrahedral kite arch of parallelepipeds (Lisbon - Portugal) cubes moving in the wind (Dortmund - Germany)

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