a walk in the polyhedra world
interesting polyhedra

polyhedral names and notations  -  history
the polyhedral symmetry groups ( first - second page )  -  examples of tables
assemblings of tetrahedra, decompositions and other animations
the Soma cube  -  funny puzzles
space filler polyhedra
the cell of a honeycomb  -  the Schwarz lanterns
the polyhedral dice  -  the borromean rings
Lynnclaire Dennis' polyhedra
multistable polyhedra (Wunderlich, Goldberg)
  and flexible polyhedra (Bricard, Connelly, Jessen, Steffen, Green)
Buckminster Fuller's "jitterbug"
the IsoAxis grid and animated kaleidocycles ( page 1 - page 2 )
  the IsoAxis grid in bloom and an animated IsoAxis
  the theory of kaleidocycles, a nice applet and nets by Marcus Engel
two folding-unfolding cubes - Yoshimoto's star-cube
miscellaneous examples - 3D representations

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