polyhedra and architecture

square pyramids in Egypt

bent pyramid pyramids of Gizeh
bent pyramid of king Snefrou - Dahchnour pyramids of Mykerinos, Khephren and Kheops - Gizeh

polyhedral architecture

cave of Pont d'Arc cave of Pont d'Arc
triangulated facade of the replica of the cave Chauvet near Vallon-Pont-D'arc - Ardèche (France)

Whitney Museum Futuroscope Federation Square
Whitney museum - New-York (USA) Futuroscope - Poitiers (France) Federation Square - Melbourne (Australia)
dodecahedral house
house on cliff
dodecahedral house - Bogota (Colombia) polyhedral house - New-York (USA) Kivivik igloo - Feroe islands (Denmark)
Carpe Diem - Paris Arch of la Défense - Paris CityLights - Paris
Carpe Diem - Paris, La Défense (France)
Great Arch - Paris, La Défense (France)
(representation of the hypercube)
Citylights - Paris, Seguin island (France)
Saint Gobain - La Défense Saint Gobain - La Défense Saint Gobain - La Défense
In 2019, Saint Gobain will transfer its head office to Paris, La Défense, in an outstanding glass tower 165 meters high.
This skyscraper, made up of "crystals" which will make it transparent or sparkling, will use the geometry of rhombohedra.
Beaugrenelle Beaugrenelle

commercial center Beaugrenelle - Paris (France)


Au grand air (In the great outdoors): nursery and French school in India

Gurgaon Gurgaon

the chromatic school of Le Quernec in Gurgaon - near New Delhi


polyhedra in Brasilia

Brasilia - tower Brasilia - theater
assemblies of rectangular parallelepipeds (a tower, the roof of the theater)   -   a park with polyhedra
polyhedra polyhedra
polyhedron polyhedron polyhedron polyhedron polyhedron

"spherical" architecture

Atomium Atomium Atomium
The Atomium  (André Waterkeyn) at the Brussels World's Fair (Belgium, 1958) represents a base cell of an iron crystal.
(the nine spheres are the eight vertices and the center of a cube)
dome - Montréal geode - Paris
dome of the American pavilion (Richard Buckminster Fuller)
World Fair of Montreal (Canada)
geodesic dome at the "Cité des Sciences" - Paris, La Vilette (France)
(the triangles are not plane, thus it is not a polyhedron)
Seguin island 1 Seguin island 2
dome of the auditorium - Paris, Seguin island (France)

"zomic" architecture

wooden zome zome house zome tent
assemblies of lozenges in spirals

non polyhedric architecture

Louis Vuitton foundation Louis Vuitton foundation
Louis Vuitton foundation
Louis Vuiton foundation - Paris, acclimation garden at bois de Boulogne (France)
This beautiful building carried out by Frank Gehry and decorated by Daniel Buren is devoted to art and culture.
(the volumes which build it up are not polyhedra and the "sails" which cover it are not plane)

more polyhedral art: classical - modern

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