folding a cross (A.Lubiw & J.O'Rourke)


The cross build by six squares, well known net of the cube, can also be folded into tens other ways to build around twenty other polyhedra; the three examples presented here lead to polyhedra with four, five, and eight faces.

Here are the nets of these three new polyhedra.
With the applets below use the key "f" to better see the joins on the faces (magenta dashed lines).

regular hexahedron




Here is the video (2'30 - 7 Mo) of these metamorphosis. You can continue your visit during the loading if your connection is slow.

references: •  The 85 Foldings of the Latin Cross  -  Poster: the 23 different results (600 Kb)
•  Metamorphosis of the cube  (E. & M.Demaine, A.Lubiw, J.O'Rourke, I.Pashchenko): web page  &  paper
•  When can a polygon fold to a polytope?  (Anna Lubiw & Joseph O'Rourke - 1996)

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