mes timbres poste personnalisés (TPP) - my personalized postage stamps

chess inversion
Evariste Galois
cogito, ergo sumJe pense, donc je suis. - I think, therefore I am.
inversion échiquier échiquier et son inverse - chess and its inverse Evariste Galois So little time, so much to do! nombre d'or - golden ratio the golden ratio

le monde des polyèdres - the polyhedra world
tétraèdre two nets for one tetrahedron octaèdres one net for two deltahedra
Archimède/Archimedes - Catalan polyèdres duals - dual polyhedra

Platon - Plato
le cube et l'octaèdre régulier sont aussi duals
the cube and the regular octahedron are also dual
le tétraèdre est auto-dual - the tetrahedron is self-dual
Kepler - Poinsot
Archimède/Archimedes - Catalan Kepler - Poinsot

Apelle cordonnier, pas plus haut que la sandale (Apelle)
shoemaker, no higher than the sandal
(ultracrépidarianisme - ultracrepidarianism)
Conway "Game of Life" - Game over, John. Thanks for playing!
I would really like to know, before I die,
why the monster group exists.
Sometimes you have to complicate a problem
to simplify its solution.

quelques fondamentaux de géométrie plane - some fundamentals of plane geometry
Euclide Thalès Pythagore - Pythagoras carpe diem cueille le jour présent sans te soucier du lendemain
seize the present day without worrying about tomorrow
Thalès Varignon

timbres d'Océanie surchargés "Victoire" à vendre - French Oceania stamps overprinted "Victory" for sale

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